Bringing Residential Geothermal Options to Central Homeowners

Residential geothermal heating and cooling systems are prudent investments that any Central citizen should see about installing. The vast number of perks, the many ways it conserve the use of energy, and how you can save green combine into the perfect blend of being dependable, year-round heating and cooling, and a smaller carbon-footprint. Seeking additional information about the installation of a cost-saving geothermal heat pump, or ground source heat pump as they are called by engineers? Then here are more details Central , OH homeowners can expect from their residential geothermal system.

Residential Geothermal Benefits

  • Size – Since a geothermal heating and cooling heat pump is roughly the same size as a conventional forced-air furnace, retrofitting an existing fossil fuel unit is, most times, an easy job. Your installer will determine your retrofitting options.
  • Noise – What noise? There is no outdoor fan like you'd find in an air conditioner or air-source heat pump. Our geothermal systems use quiet variable speed blower motors that run only at the speed needed. They ramp up to speed rather than roaring to life, so you'll scarcely even know it's there.
  • No open flame – Despite all the heat being delivered to your home, take comfort in the fact that there is no combustion or fuel of any kind being burned.
  • "Free" hot water – As your residential geothermal heat pump removes excess heat from your Central home, it can be used to warm the water for your bathing and washing needs.

Residential Geothermal Savings

  • Energy efficiency – Traditional heating systems max out at 98% efficiency, but a residential geothermal system can deliver efficiencies of up to 500%! This is possible because for each unit of electrical energy used to heat your Central home; 5 units of heat are extracted from the earth; resulting in savings of up to 70%.
  • Positive Cash Flow – Typically, the operating expenses for your new residential geothermal system will be surpassed by the savings you will see on your energy bill.
  • Federal Tax Credit – Get 30% of the cost of installation of your energy-saving geothermal heat pump system.
  • Low Maintenance Cost – Thanks to fewer moving parts, the absence of combustion, and an installation indoors away from the abuse of outdoor conditions and contaminates, geothermal units require scarcely any maintenance.

Residential Geothermal Environmental Impact

  • Green House Emissions – No gas emissions due to extracting heat from the constant heat just below the surface of the earth. Your carbon-footprint is substantially reduced.
  • Reduced dependence – Accessing this renewable energy source reduces your home's need for fossil-fuels like natural gas for and propane.

Fairfield Heating & Cooling installs the most efficient residential geothermal heat pump on the market. Our heat pumps are industry-leading in design and deliver comfortable heating and cooling to Central homeowners.

Need more information? Contact us, the experts, and find out from the (ground) source about all the reasons to install a residential geothermal heating and cooling system.